About the Author

about the author sommerrenae

If you are reading this you either a) stumbled across my blog by mistake in a fit of procrastination, delusion, or true desire to understand my opinions or b) know me personally and have obviously made it a point to read every single blog post, comment, status, tweet, or scribbled note I have ever written. Either way, welcome to one and all. If you are in group b, you can stop reading now because the following will not come as a surprise.

I spent two years in graduate school pursuing not one but two Master’s degrees. During that time, I was instructed to read every single article, book, and blog that had anything to do with my program of Arts Administration (and sometimes I even actually did).  BUT there was no time for my brain to synthesize the plethora of information I was taking in and form my own thoughts and opinions from it all. Without the pressure of ongoing projects, exams, and due dates, I suddenly find I am still reading articles and blogs (not so much books I’m afraid) in my field. Furthermore, now I have the time to reflect on those and life in general so I thought a blog would be the surest way to preserve these thoughts forever…or at least until the demise of Google. So, forever.

Enjoy and please leave a comment to say hello.


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