Open Door

an open door

My favorite part of Ireland was: Castles! I could not get enough of them!

Specifically, I love the craftsmanship that goes into them. Doors are one of the many features that show this off – its so easy to just rush into the next room to see what new secrets await but once in awhile I would just stop and look at the door. The hardware, the size of it…some doors (like those in this picture) were much taller and wider than typical – some were so short I would have to duck to go through them. No standard size when these doors were hung!


Summer Reading with PaperBackSwap!

Last summer I was interning in DC at Arena Stage and staying with family members in Virginia. There were a lot of things to do but it was the first time in a long time I had any time to read for leisure. So…I found a website that is a trading marketplace for used books called PaperBackSwap. I was really excited…until I realized I needed to list some of my own books to get started (which were back home). But this summer I stayed home to work and so I have used PBS to order books – and get rid of a few too. Here’s how it works:

Sign up (cite me as a referral or use the button below when you register and I’ll get a credit!) and list ten of your own books to receive 2 initial credits. You can order a book from another member for 1 credit. That member will pay to ship the book to you. (In turn, when someone orders a book from you, you will pay to ship to them and receive a credit when the next person gets the book.)  You can pay for and/or print shipping labels right through the site.

Its a nice way to recycle books you will never read again while also receiving books that might have been on your reading wish list for a while. Not to mention: PBS lets you search for books and add to a wish list, notifying you by email when the book is available for order.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Beautiful Writing from Ireland

Irish writing

At a museum in Ireland, I was struck by the beautiful writing found in a journal. The picture is blurry (taken through glass with a handheld video camera..) but you can still see the care that was taken to form each letter. Even the spacing is perfect. Typing isn’t the same – I often type, delete, type, delete. Forming a well thought sentence and putting it down to paper is not something we do anymore. I remember my high school English teacher telling me to just sit down and type, leaving mistakes and not deleting any of the original thoughts. I argued with him about that a lot – I wanted to get the thought right to begin with and so to this day, I type and delete. I wonder if, in a different time, that process would have occurred entirely in my head.


Mont Saint-Michel Courtyard

Mont Saint-Michel Courtyard

An empty courtyard from my March visit to Mont Saint-Michel in France. I think this was my favorite part of the trip. I just loved the buildings and the self-contained atmosphere of the island. It was a great place to explore. This particular spot was out of the way, giving the impression of being alone (minus the photog in the background, ha!) although the main thoroughfare wasn’t far off and had tons of people. (Click the picture to go the the wiki travel page for a history of Mont St Michel.)